DOING FASHION Graduation 2021

The Institute of Fashion Design, FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel is delighted to present this year’s graduation class, a diverse array of emerging talent, invested in a critical, challenging and extended design practice.

Covering distinct conceptual approaches, deconstruction, craft or immersive digital worlds, these young designers have explored and engaged their looks against the nagging question, what it means to do
fashion today.

These current times of uncertainty demand a shift for everyone to reflect and ask questions. They also highlight the relevance and urgency of the institute’s DOING FASHION teaching approach.

A holistic and inclusive curriculum which has placed diverse and body conscious practices at its centre already several years ago.

A performative criticality forms the core of our students’ perspectives and tools,and asks to engage with your own body first, before you start any design process. DOING FASHION means bodywork, sensual self-care practices and manifesting our intuitive visions.

This year’s presentation was produced in kind cooperation with the Kunstmuseum Basel, allowing the graduates to place their looks in_between the space’s fringes, the moments of ruptures and stoppages. The digital format gives many more people the opportunity to participate, regardless of location and time. It also echoes the student’s reluctance to show a conventional catwalk. 

2021’s graduates are pushing for a different awareness of fashion. A fashion created by bodies doing clothes. See, hear, feel, be touched.