Florentino Ariel Mori

The best ideas leave your head through your hands

The sensation of time and its creative representation in the interplay of traditional and contemporary techniques form the focus of my work.

How can you create a processual field of tension between craft and modernity? How can abstract thoughts and sketches be transformed into a formative visual language? How does form express time?

The design of the looks developed from the connection of different Shibori techniques, which I was allowed to study in Japan with my Sensei. Also in the attempt to give time, represented in mythical creatures or creatures, a form. As these root creatures accompanied me throughout the process, they became a central symbolic and creative element of my looks.

A large part of my work involved repeating the Shibori techniques several times in order to generate a variety of different experiments. The material generated was then categorized to reimagine the textile surfaces in both form and structure.

My concept is completing a circle: these techniques are split up in various repetitions and represent the different creative steps in the development. The collection thus becomes a snapshot of a process that gives the viewer insight into the craft. The treatment also demonstrates the diversity of the material.