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Kawah ijen #21

The volcanoes in Indonesia were the inspiration for these works. I was interested in transforming the effects of the eruptions, especially the colorfulness and surface textures of the lava into my fabrics. As to achieve a sustainable implementation, I developed a processing technique that leaves very little environmentally harmful residue and allows for a more ecological and fair value creation.

My design research is an experimental investigation and development in the production of textiles. While I combine new and old working methods to do this, I am particularly interested in exploring and using traditional crafts. With this project, I am intentionally focusing on a specific craft technique, while demonstrating a strong artistic yet modern ecological implementation.

The expression of the looks is strengthened by these created textiles, especially in the design elements and surfaces. However, my style is meant to be equally functional, timeless, genderless and fresh in every dimension. The looks have a wide silhouette and generous cut, rely on heavily accented tops and bottoms, and play with the relation of symmetry to asymmetry. To give my fabrics a resemblance to volcanic explosions and volcanic rocks, I worked with bright and bold colors.

The intertwining of art and contemporary fashion reinforces this approach, creating a playful collection that is also wearable.
With my research, I felt committed to the Swiss initiative "Sustainable Textiles Switzerland 2030". Since conscious use of ecological materials is very important to me, I researched vegan leather, used wool yarn, collected yarn scraps, and additionally worked with materials such as Ecoplastic, a water-soluble film.

It remains an exciting and necessary challenge to translate a design approach into a sustainable aesthetic practice that combines both modern and traditional ways of working.