Anysia Rempert

Schutzfaktor 55 

The experience of Melbourne's climatic conditions and changeable weather formed the starting point for my inspiration and the conceptual intertwining of the elements of shelter, weather and silhouette.

How can you demonstrate temperature differences without the necessity to experience rain, sun or wind first?
What kind of feeling do extreme climatic conditions and their rapid changes give the wearer inside?
How can weather be felt?

Against the backdrop of these challenging weather phenomena, material, the design of surfaces and its visualization became particularly central to the practical and aesthetic realization of the looks.
The choice of colors, representing the sensory experiences of Australian flora and fauna, became as relevant as the textures of the fabrics. In this context, the pleated areas refer to the soil texture, which can be found in the degradation of the soil after extreme droughts. 

Besides the visual, the functional elements could not be neglected. Therefore, the work combines a mixture of aesthetic and practical components, with body protection dominating the practical part. A wide variety of weather influences were also considered, which would have a direct impact on the defenseless body.  

Schutzfaktor 55 combines the elements of functionality, naturalness, aesthetics and comfort, reflecting the untamed and unpredictable climate.