silvana muhl

a body posture study.  

in relation to bodies interacting with their environment. triggered by feelings that the focus is often limited to the interaction body/dress and is not placed into a larger context. yet for me, all things, objects and structures in which we move every day and with which we come into contact, have a direct or indirect influence on silhouettes, and thus on clothes. for example, through the attitude that can be imposed on you through an object.  

that is why I have created figures, not looks.

I found inspiration in people, movement, statics, interaction and my daily environment.

it is a KÖRPERINTERVIEW that deals with questions. who wears whom and who influences whose posture.

a chair, as an example. the chair changes the posture of each person in its own way.
this changes the silhouette. which in turn reshapes the gaze.
these visual responses show what characterizes and individualizes each person.

for me, through the interplay of an object, person and clothing, the inner and outer posture come together and are transported to the outside.

how does someone sit down on a chair?
how does the person straighten up or put the body down?

does the person take the chair completely or do they sit down almost without touching it.
how do the garments fall?
are they being left to themselves or will they be arranged?

seen from the outside, these conscious and unconscious decisions and actions complete a person.

I don’t want to stop questioning.
not to stop searching.
not to stop learning.
building a community of exchange knowledge, skills, opinions and observations.

an interplay of theoretical and conceptual approaches, up to the implementation by craftsmanship.

for me, beauty emerges and differentiates from this moment.

shoe painted by jan kiefer / sponsored by salomon