Jasa Dervishaj

The outside is only a perspective focus of the inside. Perspectives allow a new immersion into just created or already existing interstices. Individual perspectives emerge that move us to take a personal position. Which perspectives have to interact to define the moment of a new common whole?

The shapes and structures of nature, the architecture of windows and old facades and the resulting layers serve as the starting point for my work. There are also impressions from my travels and my everyday life, which flow into my pattern and print making. The composition of these different fragments needs an actual space that makes the overlaying and interlaying, the overlapping and shifting, the binding and re-binding, and the fusing of elements possible in the first place. By layering the fabrics and playing with transparency, depth is created that makes the gaps and the in-between-ness visible, in the connection between the inside and outside.

The rolled hem is an important element of my work and represents precisely this entanglement. Bringing materials together and rolling them up creates a new play with dimensions - different perspective dents appear, edges seem encased yet open at the same time. In print, too, different images of a moment were created by layering and superimposing natural forms and elements from industrial architecture.

Jewelry with Bagarre - Pauline Müller
Screenprint: Thibaud Balsiger, Ilhan ZuLji, Johanna Dobrusskin