Paolo Donatello Mereu

There’s an alligator in my kitchen

I see my work as some type of self-reflection. I reflect on internalized social expectations on the way we live and question heteronormative stereotypes which play a significant role in all of this. My Sardinian origins as well as my personal experiences keep me company during this process.

The brown paper bag serves as the main inspiration which helps me translate my thoughts on a symbolic as well as physical level. It amazes me how this bag can swallow the identity of its content while exposing it at the same time. Hiding alcoholic beverages, yet actually making visible what is hidden inside.
Do our clothes resemble paper bags? Opposites clash.

I connect this absurd contradiction to absurd expectations which will never end. We‘re expected to get married, but do we have a say in it with whom? Another point which needs fulfillment. Or does it? Do we please ourselves or everyone who is pressuring around us?

With the slogan “Don‘t take life too seriously”, I am giving this rather serious conflict a breath of fresh air. After all, isn‘t it better to laugh about this?

As a result my work comes together to represent a hybrid between the rather serious traditional self and the free inner rebel.