David To

Ultraviolet II: Urge for the being

How do we deal with matter that we cannot perceive with all our senses as usual. A shirt that we cannot feel with our hands to test its surface. Ultraviolet light that is not in the visible spectrum? However, we have found a solution to make it visible.

"Ultraviolet II: Urge for the being" is a virtual collection that expands our imagination of digital garments in the context of body perception and ethical principles. This has given me as a designer an extraordinary new sphere of creative expression, in addition to the digital transformation of the analog design process. It offers me the chance to create my own fantasy world in which substantial and physical norms reach their limits; either by using fictional material, an unreal body silhouette or a utopian setting. Especially the free handling and forming of virtual body shapes in a creative vis-à-vis developed into the figurehead of the project and my work as a whole: an approach to the essence of being.

To be able to influence the anatomy of digital models is an unconventional method to generate exciting visual moments as well. Moments in which ethical barriers fade away. Also the space does play just as significant a role as do bodies and clothes. A space in which time loses its color. A space where familiarity and strangeness meet again.

We already have run wild in the material world and now it is time to explore another one.
It is time to build a bridge between "reality and illusion".

Print-Design: Johanna To