Fiona Rahn


Re-peat, to re-peat, re-load ,re-inact, re-find, re-store, re-search, re-connect, re-do, again, re-peat, re-work, re-love, respect, re-use, re-call, re-member.
Lost ideas, unfinished thoughts and forgotten connections dare you to re-peat, re-think or re-work through and question our obsession with anything “perfect” and “new”.
Slowing down the process itself did open up time and space to observe the potential of collaborating with and emphasizing each of my “accomplices” that impact my creative work. My output is a collection that represents a personal interpretation of existing and available resources; in a wider sense, that through conversations, collaborations and reflective time by myself it evolved into a daily ritual and an identity.
Learning “low-waste” techniques, such as form-knitting yarn and cord as well as making use of plants- and kitchen-waste for coloring. The aim to consciously use deadstock and natural fibers, while simultaneously upcycling used and perused clothes to challenge the durability and survival of a piece of clothing. A body awareness that instead of shaping accepts and represents all bodies.
Remember, re-member, re-call, memories, re-live, re-absorb, absorbing with all senses, taking it all in, to take, re-take, taking something inside, sense something exterior and absorb it, internalize, be aware, decipher it, sense it, conclude, re-flect and re-alize, come to a wider understanding.
The process of looking back and remembering became a technique and method for a living archive; for being transparent and understood keeps me motivated and inspired. These rituals and reflections upon already-existing ideas and resources, helped me move away from starting a “new fashion collection’ and to instead work closer to the core of my design practice.
To sense potential in something already existing, re-plant a seed and water it to grow.