Elvira Grau

“du baume au cœur”

The French expression for something that warms your heart and lifts the spirits, like a treatment for your soul. It's about self-care, connected to hair and resilience.

The hair salon, as a space where people come together, share their stories or do something for their body & soul, fascinated me and influenced my work. The process of how hair gets curled and colored, the techniques and methods of hairdressing inspired me to transform hairstyles into silhouettes.

The fabric gets coiffed,
the dress gets cut,
teased, undulated,
braided and draped.
A hairstyle for the body.

By constructing clothing and sculptural silhouettes I included various handcraft techniques, which require a slower working process but make the creations unique.
The elaboration and development of an original Swiss embroidery at Stickerei Paul Walt and the collaborations with everyone included in the process were very valuable for me.

Continuing to honor and care for beloved pieces, tracing the craft, materiality and where and by whom they were made, is an essential part of an awareness to cherish your clothes, but also your body and soul.