Benjamin Konzett

Heavy Light

Like a piece of paper between two ventilators


Between drawing and painting
Between thread and fabric
Between material and clothes
Between abstract and concrete

It's about power
clothes body an moving
being here
being me
being present
about the weight of the now
looking into the future
shaped from the past
searching for lightness
what is real
what touches me

At this moment I am really only interested in material and its presence, how it stands, falls and lies. I am especially fascinated by its weight. What I find most exciting is the inseparable connection between the optical and the physical. Precisely because there must always be a physical verification, as nothing is ever really what it seems to be.

Making something seem heavy is easy. Particularly hard is to create the illusion of an object seeming simple and light. That's what I aspired to work on.

I am also aspiring to create modern elegance.

I want to give space, respect, clarity and presence to the model, as well as to material.

But how can I achieve a maximum effect with minimal interventions?
What makes a garment exciting?
What makes the material stand out?
How do I define wearable or practical clothes?
Where does “a look“ start and where does it end?

My interest is the movement as well as the stance of a person.

I see a collection as a composition of different set tones, light and heavy ones.