Stephanie Klaproth

Hier ist noch alles in der Schwebe

Inspired by the works of Surrealism, Dada, Franz Kafka’s stories and Caribbean carnival, my final year project creates its own reality that nonetheless makes references to familiar elements. What my inspirations have in common is that they imagine a reality far away from our everyday life. Yet they all have familiar components, which makes the break from our reality seem all the stronger.

My creative and conceptual starting point is clothing of the 1900s and 1920s, which is also the time frame for Franz Kafka and his stories. To create my own reality and generate tension, I distorted and dissolved elements of our familiar clothes. Using collage and montage techniques inspired by Dadaist artists, I then developed new ideas for garments combining fashion from Kafka's time and contemporary elements.

The title of my work is borrowed from a collage by Max Ernst from 1920 and also reflects on the current worldwide situation. Originally a suggestion of Jean (Hans) Arp to Max Ernst, I help myself now in the same Dadaist manner.