Namuun Byambaa


„...Өсөхөөс сурсан үндэсний хэл мартаж болшгүй соёл
Үхтэл орших төрөлх нутаг салж болшгүй орон...“
„...Ösöhöös surcan ündesnii hel Martaj bolohgui soyol Üchtel orshih törölh nutag Salj bolohgui oron...“

The writing from the body – this is supposed to be the origin of the Mongolian script.

The body from writing – this is how I try to give it back its origin.

All my presence is here on this part of the planet, but at the same time a part seems to be on the verge of being lost or getting lost. No matter what boundary you are separated with, deep inside your heart you remain the person you met.

Dedicating my work to the whole situation seems to be the only thing I can do at the moment.