Rosanna Löw

The Optimistic Catastrophe

A joyful disaster during sunday brunch. Everything will be fine, don’t worry we will die and please don’t mind the vacuum cleaner!

Observing everyday life and it’s people has always been a fine occupation for me and a source of inspiration. How they go to work and come back home, behaviour and human patterns we follow and of course the clothes I see them wear. I have to admit it’s not the most cheering sight, at least in sweet Switzerland, but I found one day that’s different to the rest of the week.

Yes, you guessed it right. It's Sunday!

I imagined how it would be, if we would add to every day a pinch of this “Sunday feeling” and also some flavour to the mashed potatoes if you know what I mean?
So I took that speciality of a Sunday with all it’s freedom, together with it’s weird rules to create a collection, which of course also should be worn on a Tuesday!
For me the elements of dressing up especially for a day and treating a piece of clothing with care, play a big part. As well as humour!

In this context I tried to explore the boundary between nonsense, absurdity and precise design. With this in my mind, I decided to value the finishing/craftsmanship of each garment highly, keeping clear references to the old familiar, but pulling it away from its usual placement. Shifting sizes, exaggerations, color, patterns and giving them the necessary pinch of serious humor, with a slight aftertaste of yummy mothballs!

My clothes should have a long life, especially in today's throw-away society! I want to be a neighbor of our common fashion system, but never fall for it. Join a new system that is critical and cares! Humor and sarcasm are my way to "deal" with everyday behavior and internalized thinking.

The “good” bourgeois clothing became humored, lively and cynical. They love pessimistic irony and believe in our future. They will always see the seriousness of a situation but never lose their sense of humor.


Gasparini Glace