Welcome to the universe of body-acceptance.
If you love your body, then it loves you back and dances with you under the
slipstream moon and during the day under the sun.
BodyNormForms - perfect imperfect
Looks, which deal with outer body problems. Breaking out of discomfort. A call for
acceptance and body love.
Did you already pick your nose today?
In order to crystallize the topics, I conducted interviews on personal embarrassment
which were then transformed and visualized into looks. The origin of these shamefeelings
are addressed and dealt with in these individual outfits. Someone is wearing
an outfit for somebody else‘s problems, this way all get to wear “each other”.
Does shame keep us from being able to live authentically ourselves?
Shame dissolves, what has to be celebrated. It’s not existing in this form anymore.
Kratzi kratzi oh my darling - ECZEMA
To be hairy or not to be hairy- BODY HAIR
Where is it folding on you / How are your belly rolls today? - BELLY ROLLS
Origin, dealing with the inside and outside- BELLY BUTTON
They hang where they chill - PENDULOUS BREASTS
Fight with the cramp- VARICOSE VEINS
What do you do when you feel unobserved - NOSE PICKING
It feels like the work is a reflection on social issues of people in a refreshing new way.
I like to be called asché more than Lea in my works, because it‘s not only my work.
Its work and inspiration of so many people. Asché is a collective. Actually is every
collection a kind of collective.