institute of fashion design
FHNW Academy of art and design in basel
institute of fashion design
FHNW Academy of art and design in basel
Graduation 2021
Video Graduation 2021

Institute of Fashion Design

FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel


Bachelor Thesis 21

creative lead of the graduation video
Priska Morger

conception and artistic lead of the graduation video
Matthias Waldhart, Nils Amadeus Lange, Yasmina Haddad

Kurt Zihlmann

production Livia Haueter
assistant production Corina Stadler
video direction Matthias Waldhart, Nils Amadeus Lange, Yasmina Haddad
director of photography and editor Alvaro Kreyden
assistant camera Nathalie Kamber
choreography Nils Amadeus Lange
assistant choreography Kihako Narisawa
styling Olaf Tavares Vieira
assistant styling Vivienne Scherer
soundtrack Soraya Lutangu (Bonaventure)
text Isaac Pool, excerpt from Transfer Progress, 2009
look and mood photography James Bantone
graphic design Johnny Graf
animation Dimitri Erhard
casting Nils Amadeus Lange, Olaf Tavares Vieira
assistant booking Angela Greter, Eva Katherina Bühler
models Aino Spiess, Alisha Dörig, Anouchka Enzinga, Elie, Fiona Wiesner, Hagar Schmidhalter, Hugo Hectus, Julijs Osolin, Katerine Omole, Lisa Candinas, Lydia Ramsay, Maristella Mereu, Merusan Rasiah, Miao Shuyue Zhao, Moussa Camara, Oleg Morger Houbrechts, Silas Gfeller, Subeer Ismail
press and communication Ugo Pecoraio with UP3000
assistant press and communication Françoise Payot, Laurent Rueff
social media Sven Gex
press text and writing Bakri Bakhit, Dagmar Venohr
assistant press text and writing Yana Slattery
support press text and writing Annika Filkorn, Julia Charlotte Schoch
atelier Eva Ott, Carolina De Giacinto
team atelier Alexis Barreto, Anaja Leiggener, Charlotte Christen, Dano Huwyler, Lan Anh Nguyen Miel Schneeberger, Nicolas Trujillo, Rachel Bühler
shoes and accessories Jacqueline Loekito
team shoes and accessories Andrea Glanzmann, Christopher Cong, Dylan Basi, Emanuel Marra, Milena Schneider
intern conception and video production Lucien Bricola
intern choreography Johanna To
support production Anaja Leiggener, Christoph Fässler, Damara Dimcic, Franca Apothéloz, Gilles-Anthony Treskatsch, Giuna Nichele, Lan Anh Nguyen, Lou Gattlen
production photography Agnes Leclaire
assistant production photography Anna Eggli, Julia Hebeisen, Sarah Lüthi catering Jeanne Milani, Lorenzo Cicirò, Marie Klock
back office Fréderique Janthur Custers, Leonie Schenk

Thank you to the team of the Kunstmuseum Basel, the facility management of the Academy, the team of the Campus Werkstätten, the Media-Team of the Academy, the Event-Team of the Academy, the Center for Digital Matter of the Academy – as well as all of the departments for their support in terms of infrastructure and advice and their friendly support, as well as a special thank you to the director of the FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel –
Prof. Dr. Claudia Perren

Thank you to all our partners, the cooperations and Evelyne Roth for supporting the graduates A.Haussmann GmbH, Amitex AG, Bally Labels AG, Bischoff Textil AG, Bischoff Gamma CO. Ltd., BRERO Schweiz AG, Eugster und Huber Collection by Tamando AG, E.Schellenberg Textildruck, AG, Filtex LTD, Frieba Textilwerk GmBH, Forster Rohner AG, Gelati Gasparini, Gütermann GmbH, hotmailhotnail, Helsa Group International, helsa fashion shaping, House of U, Jacques Allemann SA, Jenny Fabrics AG, Jan Kiefer, Jakob Härdi AG, Jakob Schlaepfer AG, JHCO Elastic AG, KBC Fashion, Willy Koller AG Textilveredlung, Kreul AG, Kruse AG, Nähwerk IDM Thun, Offset Warehouse,ON Running, Plisseebrennerei Basel, Rosenfelder Knopffabrik GmbH, riri mayer GmbH, Salamon, Scabal, Swisstulle AG, Swiss Flax GmbH, Schoeller Textil AG, Schoeller Gmbh & Co KG, Schoeller Wool, Stickerei Paul Walt Altstätten, Stotz& Co. AG, Taroni, Textil AG, Stickerei Huttwil, TDS Textildruckerei Arbon GmbH, TTS Innova AG, Уран бичээч, Лхагвадоржийн СҮХБААТАР Sukhbaatar Lkhagvadorj, YKK Deutschland GmbH Anna Zwicky, Anina Högger, Annie Kahri, Elisabeth Fuchs, Etienne Dobler, Ejee, Jasmin Denzer, Johanna To, Merusan Rasiah, Nina Müller, Pauline Schafferus, Sven Gex, Vanessa Oechslin

Thank you to the team at the Kunstmuseum Basel for making this video production possible. Thank you to all the helping hands from within the institute for their support.

Covid-19 information: This video production was realized and conducted under the strict health and safety precautions and outlines of the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH of Switzerland, the safety concept of the Kunstmuseum Basel and the FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel (as of January 2021) The health and safety of everyone involved was the top priority in all phases of planning and execution.

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