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FHNW Academy of art and design in basel
Gaelle Da Costa

Gaëlle da Costa

conjunction 1.0

My looks form a condensed, but at the same time expandable system. Each individual look represents a sub-system and each individual part another sub-sub-system. Each piece works as a module, creating various temporary compositions inside these systems. Such a conscious modularity acknowledges that nothing is ever fixed. Everything is in a state of flux, continues to evolve and thus enables new connections over and over again.

The question about the body is critical here. Body parts are separated and brought together again. Where does the body start? Where does it end?

Playfully rethinking and expanding the supposedly closed clothing system that we still encounter today!

Reusing material, bringing it into unusual and atypical contexts. Material thinking with Wabi Sabi.
Being stimulated by the imperfect, accepting the fragmentary.
Beauty as a changeable moment of consciousness. Beauty as movement.

Material is juxtaposed with the skin, as an extension of the human body.

Layering and superimposing different fabrics and materials to highlight composition. A play with transparency. Tensions between hard and soft, dense and opaque. Where is the skin covered, where is it exposed?

Rawness, fragility and strength.